Making manuscripts

“Вісника Чернігівського національного педагогічного університету” 

The original theoretical and experimental work in the field of pedagogy (Series: Pedagogical sciences), fundamental and practical psychology (Series: Psychological sciences), history (Series: Historical sciences), philosophy (Series: Psychological sciences) are published in the collection of scientific works “Visnyk of Chernihiv National Pedagogical University” Philosophical sciences).

The editors accept materials in the form of an electronic version (Word in RTF format). The volume of the article – no more than 15 pages, executed through 1.5 interval, font 14 Tіmes New Roman, береги 2 sm.

Illustrations (drawings, flowcharts, graphs) are arranged in the text of the article and should be executed in one of the graphic editors. Drawings should be black and white (no halftone), contrast. Block diagrams and drawings (to be grouped) are additionally filed by individual files electronically.

Tables are placed directly in the text of the article. Each table should contain a header.

Formulas and alphanumeric values ​​are created in the editor of the MathType-Equation formulas and are arranged in the text.

References to literary sources are given in square brackets with an indication of the source number and page number. For example [7, p. 123].

The structure and content of the article should meet the requirements for professional editions of Ukraine and have the following essential elements:

  • UDC;
  • surname, initials of the author;
  • article title;
  • Resumes and keywords in Ukrainian (up to 500 pages) and in English (up to 2000 languages) (summaries in English with the surname, initials of the author and full title of the article);
  • problem statement and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;
  • an analysis of recent researches and publications, which initiated the solution of this problem and which is based on the author, the allocation of previously unsettled parts of the general problem, which is dedicated to this article;
  • formulation of the purpose of the article (statement of the problem);
  • a summary of the main research material with a full substantiation of the scientific results obtained;
  • conclusions;
  • date of receipt of the article to the editor.

The article is accompanied by information about the author (last name, first name and patronymic, place of work and position, title and degree).

The editor reserves the right to edit and reduce the materials.

For the reliability of facts, quotes, personal names, references to literary sources and other information correspond to the authors of the publications.